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About Nectar

Nectar is a food distributor that delivers all-natural, locally grown food to restaurant chains all year round.

We believe in taking bold risks and being bothered by the way things are. We believe that it takes bold vision to solve humanity’s grand challenges. That’s why our overarching purpose is to transition the human race towards a sustainable food system.  Because, in order to accomplish this audacious goal, you have to think differently about what a sustainable food system looks like. 

We believe that farming needs to fundamentally change in order to grow more food. We believe that agriculture can preserve and restore the world’s ecosystems rather than merely hurting it a little less. We believe that there is a way to grow food that totally outperforms industrial agriculture not only in calories, but also in freshness, taste, and nutrition. We believe that everyone should have the power to grow food and not be at the mercy of large corporations who are more concerned with achieving greater profits and control. 

That’s why we’re creating the most innovative and sustainable farming machine on the planet. This technology is designed to autonomously grow any crop in the world with zero chemicals and 10x less water than industrial agriculture. It accurately balances nutrients and creates the perfect climate conditions for any crop making it possible to grow any crop on the plant anywhere in the world at any time. The food that it grows is fresher, tastes better, and is far more nutritious than anything you’ll ever find on an industrial farm.

What does all of this mean for restaurant chains? Well, it’s really simple, consumers want locally grown food, they are more willing to eat at restaurants that source local, and they are willing to pay more for local food. So by making the bold choice of using our service to source locally, your restaurants will be able to get the most environmentally sustainable, locally grown food. You will get food harvested the same day at the volume you need anywhere in the world all year round. Ultimately, you will see greater sales and a greater return on investment.

More importantly, you get to be a part of the solution for transitioning the human race towards a sustainable food system.